- Panthera has together with reTyre developed reTyre Traction, tyre skins for wheelchairs.

- Panthera is a world wide retailer of this unique tire cover

- Provides better friction and grip on soft / wet / slippery surfaces and facilitates accessibility.

- Easy assembly / disassembly with Velcro fastener.

- A practical bag to store them in when not in use is included , for maximum freedom.

- Designed for wheelchair driving with a pattern optimized for low resistance / easy propulsion   and braking.

- In addition to better grip, you also get a some puncture protection.

- Works with your brake without the need to adjust it.

- Available for rear wheels 24”, 25" and 26"

- Measure on the tyre to see if the reTyre will fit: INFO (click)

- This means that it does NOT fit Panthera´s 24" puncture free tyre 1000224

- reT
yre Traction is adapted in size, so that after assembly, there should be a gap of between 0-20mm, which  take up the variations that may occur due to differences in manufacture or wear. The gap does not affect   function or driving experience.

- Check out the videos below for demonstration.

For purchasing or more information, contact your national PANTHERA AGENT
Tyre reTyre Traction 24” cpl pair 1100300 PAIR
Tyre reTyre Traction 25” cpl pair 1100305 PAIR
Tyre reTyre Traction 26” cpl pair 1100306 PAIR
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