S2 / S3 YES* / YES
S2 short / S3 short YES* / YES
S2 short-low YES*
S2 large YES*
S2 swing YES* / YES
S2 swing-short YES*
U2 / U3 YES* / YES
U2 light YES*
Bambino YES*
Micro NO
Panthera X NO
A castor wheel with a diameter of 120 mm. Has a special designed profilee with a raised narrow tread for maximum driving ability on hard surfaces and also a wider tread below to get the best availabilty on softer surfaces.
At reassembly of castor wheel after cleaning or service you should always check the bolt for thread locking (blue, red or green colour), which indicates sufficient thread locking. If the tread locking is missing, always order a new bolt or apply a small amount of weak thread locking.
Castor wheel S3 120 mm 2002020 1
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