S2 / S3 NO / NO
S2 short / S3 short NO / NO
S2 short-low / S3 short-low NO
S2 large / S3 large NO
S2 swing NO / NO
S2 swing-short NO
U2 / U3 NO / NO
U2 light NO
Bambino NO
Micro NO
Panthera X YES
When lifting the wheelchair (e.g., in/out of a vehicle), there is a risk that the chassis may strike the asphalt and become scraped. To protect the most exposed parts of the Panthera X’s carbon fibre chassis, a protective kit has been developed. Weight when fully mounted on the chassis: 88 g
Chassis protection rear end X (new version, easy mounting) (9024007), 9024012 par
Chassis protection rear axle X 9024008 par
Chassis protection housing X 9024009 par
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